Tighter Security Anticipated at Train Stations

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time for Amtrak trains too. The Intermodal Station in Milwaukee has a huge influx of people for the trains and for buses heading out of town. 

The busiest travel days are the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after the holiday. Last year, Amtrak carried a record 772,211 passengers during the Thanksgiving holiday travel period.  Higher passenger counts are anticipated this year. 

There is the other obvious factors to the TSA predicts that this will be the busiest travel season in its history with 47,000,000 Americans expected to travel over the holiday.

Transportation officials said security will be tighter for air travel and on the ground.

If you're traveling for thanksgiving it should cost you less this year.

According to AAA, airfare is down about 10% for the top 40 domestic destinations.

Gas prices are down too.

In fact, they're at their lowest level in seven years.

That's part of the reason you'll see more people on the roads Wednesday through Sunday.

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