Three year old found with severe injuries

A three year old boy was transported to the hospital with severe injuries. Witnesses say an officer said \"say prayers\" as a three year old boy was pulled from this home.

Allyssa Schmalfelt, a neighbor says, \"They had run the crime scene tape all the way to the front of our house across and over, it was an enormous block off.\"

Jackie who owns the home spoke to us through the door about what happened.

\"He's not doing good, he's in critical condition\"

Jackie lives at the home with her adult son. She says they took in a woman, her three year old son, and the woman's boyfriend. She says the mother's boyfriend was taking care of the boy at the time and was taken to jail.

\"I don't know what happened to the little guy they found him lethargic he wasn't breathing, And my son ran to call 911.\"

Jackie wouldn't say how the boy was injured. Still, Residents in the neighborhood say they're disgusted with the news.

Lori Rooney, a neighbor says, \"\"It's terrible there defenseless they have no control over what's going on around them.\"

Police wouldn't comment on if the incident is child abuse.

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