Thousands of geese stop in Wisconsin during annual migration

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The annual Canada goose migration is underway in Wisconsin.

Thousands of geese are currently in Green Bay. Experts say many of the geese are just passing through, but some have been there all season building nests and raising their young.

A local expert says migrating geese typically only stay a couple days in one area then the flock heads south to wintering grounds like southern Illinois, Kentucky or Tennessee.

"They're able to find obviously open water to go to, food and stuff like that. So they're not really moving in big numbers yet, but they're starting to flock up and they're getting ready to make that push," Brown County Program and Natural Resource Manager Jason Petrella said.

About a million geese make their way to and from Canada each year. With a good tail wind, the birds can reach speeds of up to 70-miles-an-hour. 

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