Thieves targeting women in Elm Grove, car windows smashed for valuables

ELM GROVE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Thieves are busting car windows in Elm Grove, snatching purses and wallets being left in plain view.

According to police, thieves have a specific target.

Police say the suspects are targeting women. They say they’re waiting in parking lots where people frequently come and go when they see a woman get out of her car without a purse, they smash the car window.

It first started happening about two weeks ago in the parking lot of a business complex on Elm Grove Road. The victim left her wallet on her front seat for ten minutes, when she returned her window was smashed and her wallet was missing.

The suspect was using a credit card from the stolen wallet within minutes of the theft. The same thing happened the next week but across the street at Elm Grove Daycare while the owners briefly went inside.

"This is a quaint, small town. Not much excitement, good or bad happens around here. It's also really unfortunate because it's known to be very safe and just a great place for kids and young families,” said Natalia Roman with Crumby Art Bakehouse and Cakery.

Police say to make sure to always take your possessions with you when you leave your car and locking a purse in the trunk won’t always protect you from becoming a victim.

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