"They didn't have any reason to be there." Glendale Police investigating vandalism case at Nicolet High School

NOW: “They didn’t have any reason to be there.“ Glendale Police investigating vandalism case at Nicolet High School


Glendale Police is trying to figure out who broke into Nicolet High School and caused thousands of dollars in damage. 

On Monday morning, a staff member found rocks and broken glass inside a classroom and bathroom. 

"It was somebody with some kind of vendetta or beef against the school because what they did was break windows, they threw things around in the classroom, they drew profanities on the board. They didn't have any reason to be in there," said Todd Lynch, Glendale Police Officer. 

Investigators won't go into specifics but they say the suspect or suspects left a clue inside the classroom which they hope will help solve the case. 

Police believe the vandalism happened over the weekend. Neighbors in the area like Steve Sellars said he's never seen vandalism like this at Nicolet High School. 

"I think maybe they are looking for people t-peeing the trees and maybe graffiti. You can see that has happened on the back of the building. But that is unusual that is a lot of damage for this school," said Sellars. 

Glendale Police is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. If you have any information contact, Glendale Police Dept. at 414-228-1753 or North Shore Crime Stoppers at 414-962-4258.

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