There's Christmas & also Festivus for the rest of us

NOW: There’s Christmas & also Festivus for the rest of us

As we head into the holiday homestretch, there's one event where you can blow off some pent up frustration.  It's the annual Festivus party Saturday at Great Lakes Distillery in Walker's Point.  Airs of grievances and feats of strength are a couple of highlights in addition to a metal pole in lieu of a Christmas tree.  And to finish it off, a gag gift exchange like no other.

There will be a special beverages served as well, including a "Cranberry Sauced" concoction.  Here's the recipe courtesy of Great Lakes Distillery...

1 oz. Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka

1 oz. Good Land Cranberry Liqueur

Top w/Club Soda or Sprite

The free Festivus party runs from 6 until 10 pm on Saturday at Great Lakes Distillery.

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