"There's been a horrible horrible accident:" 911 calls released in fatal Delafield crash

NOW: “There’s been a horrible horrible accident:“ 911 calls released in fatal Delafield crash

We are now hearing the devastating 911 calls that took place before and after the crash that killed a Good Samaritan changing a tire on I-94.

One of those phone calls came from the parents of the driver accused of causing the crash, warning police about their son, Frank Schiller. The dispatcher asked the parents to stay away from the suspect until the police get there.

"Does he have access to a car?" the dispatcher can be heard asking.

"Yeah. It's a Ford Taurus, 2004, gray. Does he have keys to that? I don't know if he has it on him or not," the family said.

In the criminal complaint, that's the car police described that was damaged in the fatal crash on I-94 in Delafield. Moments before, a family in a mini van pulled over to change a flat tire. That's when Peter Enns stepped in to help and as he was changing the tire, he was hit and killed.

The dad inside the van frantically tried to get his kids to safety while checking on Enns who was laying in the road. "There's been a horrible horrible accident, a man has just been ran over."

Later in the 911 call, the dad soon discovers his son is trapped inside the van and he worked with police to get him out. 

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