The Price is Right: A behind the scenes look at T.V.'s longest running game show

The Price is Right: A behind the scenes look at T.V.’s longest running game show

LOS ANGELES, Ca. -- (CBS 58) The Price is has charmed viewers on CBS for nearly five decades. It's become television's longest running game show - so what's the secret? 

There's just something about that melody. The bright lights and those retro neon colors that just makes you want to smile. That, and about 300 screaming fans hoping for their chance to win big.

“You show up and everybody is just happy, said Announcer George Gray.

“I'm just surrounded by all this happiness and positive energy,” said Host Drew Carey. “It's the greatest thing ever.”

Bob Barker reintroduced fans to the Price is Right in 1972 with then announcer Johnny Olson. Drew Carey took over as host in 2007. George Gray joined him as the announcer in 2011.

The show has still stayed true to its roots but things have gotten glitzier over the years.

“After every season we look at the show like what can we improve, what can we do to make it better but you don't want to change it too much,” said Carey.

It takes 4500 dimmers to control all of the lights. There's also more than 160 people on the cast and crew who are responsible for everything from operating the cameras to building, painting and moving the sets and of course keeping the crowd energized.

The prizes keep getting better too because the better the prizes the more excitement fills the air.

 “I think I've lost some of my hearing honestly working on this show,” Carey said.

 “I have to wear two ear pieces really just to block out the noise,” Gray said.

The show has never measured just how loud it gets in the studio but many on the crew wear earplugs or headphones to help with the noise. They've got other workarounds too.

“Sometimes we'll be here over these far doors and George will be saying a prize and we can't hear a thing,” Carey said. “So we have this guy Chris, he's our prize producer and he'll hold up cards that will have all the prizes.”

But for many in the crowd, it's not about winning or losing.  After 47 years fans still think it's special just to be a part of television's longest running game show.

“Nobody thinks their day is destroyed because they didn't win on price is right,” said Carey. “They're happy they're here and they're still in a good mood.”

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