The Hop, new site during 'Doors Open Milwaukee'

NOW: The Hop, new site during ’Doors Open Milwaukee’

This weekend people are touring more than 170 locations throughout the area as part of ‘Doors Open Milwaukee.’

An added site this year is The Hop streetcar, also its maintenance facility.

People were lining up to get a closer look before its official launch. "It's great, it's clean it's see all the cameras so the driver can see all over so its safe," said Derek Schneider.

They're got all-access as part of the event.

"It's the only free event that specifically celebrates Milwaukee's history, architecture and the built environment...and this year we have a block party and the new streetcar, Hop visiting us," said Stacy Swadish, Historic Milwaukee Executive Director.

As the opening day approaches, the anticipation builds.

"We're almost done with testing, testing is processing really, really well...So you can look forward to the streetcar being out on the system running everyday very soon, opening those doors, and being part of the new Milwaukee," said Darryl Simpson, General Manager of Transdev, the company that operates the Hop.

"We really just want people to hop on and just enjoy it and feel free to sit and try your bike out on one of the racks, and just be a part of this. We want people to get acclimated to how the vehicle will operate.”

On Sunday, the Hop's operations and maintenance facility where the streetcars are housed and maintained will be open for tours.

They will begin running sometime soon this fall. According to Transdev staff, the city plans to announce the opening date this coming week. Rides for the first year will be free -- thanks to a sponsorship from Potawatomi Hotel and Casino.

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