The first flakes of the season fall in Milwaukee

It has been 223 days since the last time Milwaukee had a taste of winter! Burst of light snow, sleet, and graupel fell around southeastern Wisconsin. We had reports at the airport, in Waukesha, West Bend, Hartford, Grafton, and many other locations.

It comes just two days after the average first trace of snow. This is the earlier trace of snowfall for Milwaukee in the last five years. The last four out of five years, Milwaukee hasn’t seen any snowfall until November.

The earliest first trace of snow on record in Milwaukee happened back in 1954. Guess when it happened? September 20th, technically in late summer! The latest trace of snowfall on record took place in early December on the 5th, in 1999.

Back in 2014, the first trace of snowfall took place on Halloween. Mitchell received 0.1” of the fresh powder.

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