"The Dude" and "Walter" think you'll like Lebowski Fest

Two characters from the 1998 cult-classic \"The Big Lebowski,\" The Dude and Walter, joined us on the CBS 58 News at 4 to preview Lebowski Fest in Milwaukee this weekend.

Cities across the country host festivals in honor of the movie, but The Dude (whose real name is Paul Niesen) says Lebowski Fest in Milwaukee is special because of \"the Cathedral Square movie party, hands down,\" Niesen said. \"And that's not just me I hear that from everyone.\"

Niesen is a UW-Oshkosh teacher in real life, but has made friends across the country as The Dude. He says you don't need to dress in costume to enjoy the festival, but liking White Russians might help. White Russians, or \"Caucasians,\" are the beverage of choice for The Dude in the 1998 movie.

The festival features a free outdoor showing of \"The Big Lebowski,\" live music from Here Come The Mummies, a bowling party, White Russians and much more. For more information, click here.

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