Thanksgiving Weather

The holidays are here and we're all stressed out! OK, just kidding, but I do want to take a moment to thank our loyal viewers who may be hurting or alone this Thanksgiving. Know that the CBS58 Ready Weather Team appreciates you and I'll be right here with you to get through the day tomorrow!! 

The forecast will be a typical one. And a dry one this time around! Check out the stats for Milwaukee:

Do you remember last Thanksgiving?! It was the wettest on record! This year's dry forecast is actually a little less likely than a wet one. In fact, 59 percent of Thanksgivings feature rain, while 41 percent have been dry. Rain is more likely than snow on this holiday here in southern Wisconsin. Having a snow free turkey holiday occurs 60 percent of the time, while 40 percent of Thanksgivings here have featured a trace or more of snow.

While we have rain in progress today, the showers are expected to wrap up by midnight. Most spots will have received a quarter inch of rain or less. The roads should be dry by daybreak. But the moisture may linger in the form of fog. That's just something to keep in mind especially if you will be hitting the roads early in the morning.

I truly hope everyone has a warm, happy and safe Thanksgiving!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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