Tense moments in court for Shorewood woman who spit on Black protester

NOW: Tense moments in court for Shorewood woman who spit on Black protester

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Shorewood attorney, Stephanie Rapkin, was in court Tuesday, July 26, for disorderly conduct charges after spitting on a teenage protester in 2020. 

Rapkin was given a deferred prosecution agreement but she declined it and wants to stand trial -- but with a different lawyer.

There was some pretty intense moments in court and after as Stephanie claimed her innocence even after videos show her spitting on a Black teenager. 

"He was coming after me like this…yeah... and that's what he did and there was nobody to help me," Rapkin said. 

Rapkin appeared agitated as she explained her side of what happened when accused of spitting on the then 17-year-old Eric Lucas. She is now facing disorderly conduct charges. 

Rapkin said the incident never happened. 

"I did not spit on a child and he's not a child I wish people would stop saying that...he's 21...he's 21 now," Rapkin said. 

At times, Rapkin conflicted herself. 

"I have clear video of him looking down and looking at the spit and then looking up and coming after me again," said Rapkin. 

Rapkin said she wished to go through trial. Her attorney withdrew. 

"I've wanted a trial from the beginning and Mr. Stinley does not believe that a trial would be in my best interest," Rapkin said. "He's not willing to do what I want him to do."

William Sulton, who represents Eric Lucas in a lawsuit against Rapkin, says the evidence is all in the video. 

"Pretty much everything you heard is a lie," said Sulton. "I think the real question here is why is this charge is merely disorderly conduct when it's clearly a battery which is what our lawsuit says." 

Sulton and Lucas are also asking for emotional and punitive damages. 

"She needs to be held to account and we just don't believe that will happen here and so we're bringing in a civil court," said Sulton. 

Rapkin does not yet have new representation. She is expected to be back in court in two weeks for the disorderly conduct charges. 

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