Teens caught with Fentanyl after citizen calls 911 to report suspicious people

NOW: Teens caught with Fentanyl after citizen calls 911 to report suspicious people

Two 16-year-olds are in custody after taking police on a high speed chase.

It all started in the 10000 block of West Meadow Drive when a citizen called to report a suspicious car.

Tim Zaborowski, a neighbor in the area, says he saw a car pull into his neighborhood and immediately people got out and began looking into parked cars.

He called 9-1-1 but by then the car had left.

Police spotted the vehicle near 60th and Forest Home and tried to stop the car but it took off.

Several other patrol cars joined in the chase until they were forced to give up.

“We used a pursuit intervention technique to spin that suspect vehicle out and cause it to stop,” says Greenfield Police Chief, Brad Wentlandt.

Two people ran off but two others stayed behind.

“One of them has eight prior arrests,” says Wendlandt. “He was in possession of fentanyl and a stolen key from a dealership burglary. The other suspect was in possession of both cocaine and heroine. That suspect also has prior arrests, both of them being 16 years of age.”

“At the same time I feel sorry for them, the individuals who felt that they needed to steal for other people for whatever reason,” says Zaborowski.

Wendlant says pursuits are up by 200%.

“This juvenile crime epidemic is out of control,” says Wendlandt. “The justice system looks at these young people and treats them as if they just steal candy from a candy store. Until we get a handle on it, the crime in our community is going to continue to increase.”

Both teens have been turned over to juvenile authorities.

The police chief says two officers were banged up from the pursuit but are expected to be okay.

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