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Task Force hoping for revisions in Milwaukee police policy when dealing with transgender people

Milwaukee Police Department procedures have been questioned when it comes to car pursuits and interaction with the undocumented.

There are also calls for another look at how officers deal with transgender people.

At Thursday's Fire and Police Commission meeting, board members with the group call Genderqueer Milwaukee briefed the commission members on a task force that was formed in order to bring about better understanding about the issues involved.

There have been several meeting, including with the police department and the task force hopes to have some solid suggestions on training this year.

Among the biggest concerns is where transgender people are detained during investigations.

"With gender dysphoria. it's a very painful experience to be sexualized as women by other men and degraded on that basis,z" board member James said. "It would not constitute psychological safety for me to be held with cisgender men."

Cisgender is how we differentiate from those who are transgender and those who are not.

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