Taking a break from politics on the 4th

NOW: Taking a break from politics on the 4th

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell said as just one candidate, getting his name out in the Glendale 4th of July parade was important, but it was not his only priority.

"But it’s also important to celebrate July 4th, right. Enjoy some barbecue, maybe a beer," Mitchell said. "So that’s important as well. Today is actually like a day off from the campaign trail."

It was a day when Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-WI, and state Sen. Alberta Darling could go to the same parade and get along.

"We just took a photo together, and we served together back when I was in the state legislature."

Darling said she thinks the people watching parades agree.

"People really seem to put aside the partisan politics, and celebrated Independence Day and our freedom."

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said it's a day to come together.

"People are probably as frustrated now with partisan politics. And what better day than the Fourth of July to remember what really makes this country special, and that’s citizenship, not partisanship "

Mitchell says sometimes the best way is to just avoid politics altogether.

“I’m talking with people.  If they want to talk politics, we can do that, If they want to talk about this great country, we can do that, and if they don’t want to talk at all we can do that as well.”

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