Suspected Serial Rapist, Home Invader Arrested in Michigan

DEARBORN, Mich.(CBS NEWS) — Police in Michigan have charged a man in connection with one rape, but say he may face charges in dozens of home invasion and sexual assault cases.

Officials who spoke at a press conference Monday said Ikeie Ranordo Smith is under investigation in at least 35 cases dating back to 2011, but they did not say how many of those cases involved sexual assaults.

Smith was arraigned Friday in connection with a rape that occurred last year and is being held without bond. Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said authorities suspect him in three cases in that city, but believe he is behind cases throughout the Detroit region.

“there were just some characterists about the way the crimes were committed that a lot of our smart detectives came together and said, “yeah, these were most likely the same””

Haddad said FBI criminal investigators believe Smith fits the profile of “power reassurance rapist,” a phrase federal investigators use to describe a suspect who they believe attacked a victim in order to compensate for low self-confidence.

“I want to assure the citizens of this community that there is no more power he holds over the people,” Haddad said.

Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy said she expects to charge Smith in a slew of additional cases, but is waiting for detectives from various jurisdictions to wrap up their investigations.

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