Suspect Confesses to Almost Dozen Robberies; After Fingerprints are Found at Subway Robbery

A Milwaukee man was arrested for a dozen armed robberies after his fingerprints were left at a Subway Restaurant on North Avenue that he robbed with a knife.

 The suspect allegedly robbed a Subway at 3434 W. North Avenue at 9:10 AM on March 12.

The suspect, who was armed with a knife, entered the store, jumped over the counter, and stole cash from the register before he fled on foot.

Investigators were able to recover fingerprints from the scene and used them to identify the suspect, a 27-year-old Milwaukee man.

Officers located the suspect on the evening of March 12 at a North Side residence and took him into custody. The suspect has confessed to at least ten robberies but it’s believed he may have committed several more. 

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