Surviving the cold

Milwaukee -- For some people more than others, surviving the next stretch of bitterly cold temperatures is going to be difficult.

\"It's terrible.  I wear the same clothes everyday. I got like four pairs of pants on, four sweatshirts and a jacket that somebody gave me.  I just live on handouts that people give me.\"

CBS 58 spoke with a man in Milwaukee who said he was homeless and jobless.

\"I've been out here 3 1/2, 4 hours,\" he explained.  \"I'm just trying to get some money to survive to take the bus to try and find jobs and just to eat.\"

Saturday evening we found dozens of people on the grounds of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, a place that provides overnight shelter.

On it's website, we learned Repairers of the Breach near 13th and Vliet stays open overnight when wind chills are at 10 degrees.  \"Falling temperatures increase more than our hours of operation. Costs for heat, electricity, food, maintenance, security and supervision (by staff persons hired from our member population) rise dramatically. We face an additional $450 in costs each time we remain open overnight.\"

As for the homeless man we spoke with, he became emotional when asked what he'd want people to know.  He feels there should be more compassion.  \"I'm not out here trying to scam people or nothing like that.  If you can give, give because it really does help.\"

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