Surveillance video shows attacks on MCTS drivers, union wants action

NOW: Surveillance video shows attacks on MCTS drivers, union wants action

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Disturbing surveillance video is released of MCTS bus drivers being attacked on the job.

A dozen attacks on drivers were caught on surveillance video, and now the driver’s union wants action.

“No, there’s not enough security on there,” said James Macon, President of ATU 998.

Macon is pushing to get more protection for his drivers.

He proposed arming the drivers, but would settle for less.

“They need to close the drivers in,” said Macon, “they need to have the drivers have some kind of mace or Tasers.”

But he says there’s been push back, in fact, it’s holding up negotiations on their next union contract.

“I backed off last contract, I’m not backing off this time,” said Macon.

The attacks range from threats, to spitting, to being hit with food and pepper spray.

They are getting so brazen they even happen with police around.

MCTS says the drivers are taught to de-escalate the situation, which can lead to driver staying in their chairs and taking abuse.

The union says this is unacceptable.

They are insisting increased security is part of the next union contract.

“I’m not taking any more excuses, I’m tired of excuses,” said Macon, “as long as they sitting at the table trying to get something done, I’m willing to talk, as soon as they give the last proposal and it’s not on there, they know what’s going to happen.”

CBS 58 did talk to MCTS, they provided the surveillance video.  They were not available for an interview before we ran the story Tuesday.

The union has been without a contract since December, and Macon says they aren’t close to a new one right now.

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