Summerfest guests weather the storm on festival day two

NOW: Summerfest guests weather the storm on festival day two


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Many people were able to enjoy Summerfest early in the day Thursday, but the storms put an end to the fun for a short time.

While there was severe wind damage in some areas, it seems like the Summerfest grounds were lucky.

The grounds weren't heavily impacted by the storms, but the rain did cause a lot of people to take cover. Announcements over the PA system warned guests that storms were on the way. 

Some people left the grounds while it was pouring and came back to check out the big names performing, like Lizzo and Willie Nelson.

Many guests took cover and huddled together to try to stay dry. But Summerfest fans are no strangers to rainy festival days.

"I always bring a rain poncho," one guest said. "Because you always look at the weather and it's sunny, but you never know with Wisconsin."

Summerfest tweeted a message at 5:40 p.m., offering attendees free re-entry if they came back by 8 p.m. 

With more rain expected Friday, fans say they'll come prepared.

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