Summerfest gets off to a stormy start

NOW: Summerfest gets off to a stormy start

Summerfest got off to a stormy start Wednesday, as rain pelted the grounds throughout the evening.

“Rain or shine I would come to Summerfest,” said Ali Gibbs.

And it was definitely more rain than shine as the 50th Summerfest kicked off.

“I came prepared,” said Sarah Carlisle. “Ponchos! Got an umbrella in my bag too.”

Down pours throughout the evening sent people running for cover.

“There are tons of tents and tons of things being sold and all these performances going on so just get inside and listen and maybe you’ll like it,” said Rachel Gutierrez. “Something you weren’t planning on seeing but then the rain forces you in.”

The fireworks show was postponed because of the weather. It is rescheduled for Thursday night at 9:30.

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