Stumbly wombly kitten needs a home

Hi! My name is Jake, and I love to play and snuggle and eat. But there is something about me that makes me special compared to other kittens. I have a condition that makes me uncoordinated and makes it hard for me to focus. Sometimes I fall over while I'm walking, or shake my head when I find something interesting to investigate. I spent some time at a foster home to be observed, and my foster parents said I did really great! I got along really well with cats at their house, but the big dogs sometimes made me fall over. I even learned to climb a scratching post and how to climb the stairs.

Here is the cutest video ever of me in action:

Now I'm looking for special someone to call my forever parent- someone who will pick me up if I fall, someone who will watch movies and cuddle with me, and most importantly someone who will love me despite my condition. Will you be my new parent? 

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