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16 Year Old Student of the Month Killed Outside Convenience Store

A Milwaukee teenager killed by gunfire, his family tells us he was a good kid and was helping others just before he was shot.

Milwaukee Police haven't arrested anyone for killing 16 year old Emani Robinson.

His family says they're staying strong hoping for justice with a whole community behind them.

A large crowd of family friends and strangers gathered outside the corner store on 39th and Center Street mourning 16 year old Emani Robinson.

The kind of kid who people say was standing on his hover board guarding two bikes of kids who went into the store.

Witnesses say a fight broke out, and as people started to scatter.

Robinson bent down to get his hover board and go but a bullet hit him in the head.

Community members prayed, cried and vowed to take back their streets so that another young life isn't wasted.

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