State Superintendent Candidates Debate at Marquette

NOW: State Superintendent Candidates Debate at Marquette
Milwaukee -

State Superintendent Tony Evers, and challenger Lowell Holtz had several heated exchanges in a debate Tuesday.

The two candidate are vying to run Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction.

Evers is seeking his third straight term in that role, while Holtz is trying to ascend to that position after running districts in Beloit and a Milwaukee suburb. 

Tuesday's debate was hosted by Marquette University, and the candidates showed their differing opinions on school choice, funding for public schools, and how to address a statewide teacher shortage.

Holtz criticized Evers for a lack of results, while Evers touted state A.C.T. scores.

Tensions rose as Evers challenged Holtz' integrity. 

The incumbent blasted his challenger over an accusation Holtz bribed primary opponent, John Humphries, to drop out of the race in exchange for a six-figure job.

Earlier this month, the Wisconsin Elections Commission said Holtz didn’t violate any state laws, and tossed a bribery complaint brought by a liberal advocacy group.

Evers and Holtz will meet again, Wednesday, at a forum in Madison.

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