State senator proposes legislation to restrict exotic pets

Milwaukee's 'big cat' has captured us more than we've captured it drawing attention on facebook and twitter. Becoming a series of jokes and puns.

\"I know in the last few years there have about 40 deaths nationwide.\"

But State Senator Van Wanggaard isn't laughing.

State Senator Van h. Wanggaard, District 21 says, \"It creates a real hazard for law enforcement and emergency personnel.\"

That's why he's introducing a new piece of legislation restricting exotic pets. He says the lion scare is draining police resources. 

\"Now you take 30 guys out of service, that is huge, that means you have to have resources coming from other locations, which then puts a drain on other areas too.\"

His proposed legislation would allow current exotic pet owners to keep their pets, but would restrict breeding, and future exotic pet owners for animals like baboons, lions, bears, tigers, and alligators unless they're in a zoo, circus, or certified rehabilitation center. Plus all the current exotic pet owners would be required to register their animals. 

\"So that officers know where the animals are at, also so that if one is at large, so we have an idea of who owns that animal.\"

He says all of this would keep police focused on hunting down real criminals, and not with the risks of hunting down animals.

\"They are wild animals still you can't trust it, they are not domesticated.\"

The law could be heard in the next month. 

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