State Representative Holds Mental Health Hearing in Milwaukee

The ongoing efforts to help people with disabilities took a step forward today. One local representative turned to the public looking for input and answers to serve every part of our community.

The conversation covered a number of issues including the best ways to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing, those who struggle with addiction, and the best ways to provide crucial services for minorities.

The public hearing was at Washington Park Senior Center Saturday.

State Representative John Brostoff has taken it upon himself to start finding solution by learning about the state of mental health in Milwaukee County.

Terri Ellzey says she's trying to connect minorities with the services they deserve.

"The deaf and hard of hearing, the blind, Native Americans, Asians… there are so many different diverse populations that are unrepresented in this field of need of service,” said Ellzey.

Eugene Barufkin hopes to find access to vital resources for mental illness.

"I'm currently helping a 31-and-a-half-year old who has behavioral problems,” said Barufkin.

He and dozens of others are trying to keep the conversation alive.

"We're putting on a forum next month… to… tell the public hopefully how they're going to solve some of these problems," said Barufkin.

After the hearing, Representative Brostoff said he hopes to work on legislation regarding what he learned at the hearing.

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