State Rep. Asks for Federal Investigation into Gov. Walker

MADISON -- Wisconsin State Representative Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) is asking US Attorney General Eric Holder to open up a federal investigation into statements Governor Scott Walker made back in 2011.

The representative says Walker cut healthcare coverage from more than 17-thousand people in Wisconsin by requesting a waiver to the Social Security and Affordable Care Acts.

The Walker administration used an accepted accounting principal that showed a budget deficit in 2011, rather than showing budget numbers from a cash-based accounting method, which showed the state was not broke in 2011.

Hulsey says Walker and his administration misrepresented the facts, costing people coverage.

\"We had a budget surplus of almost 70-million dollars. So he used this idea as a scheme to defraud these 17,348 parents of with children of their healthcare.\" Hulsey said.

According to the non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, both accounting methods are legal to use.

We reached out to US Attorney General Holder's office, a spokesperson tells us they received Hulsey's letter and are reviewing it.

Hulsey says his goal is to get healthcare back for the more than 17-thousand people who lost it.

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