State parties reflect on DNC, look ahead to RNC

NOW: State parties reflect on DNC, look ahead to RNC

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) – As the political world reflects on the Democratic National Convention, the spotlight now shifts to the Republican National Convention and how President Donald Trump responds to Joe Biden’s nomination.

“It was a really incredibly successful convention, we saw incredible engagement not just across Wisconsin but across this country,” Philip Shulman, Director of Press Strategy for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, told CBS 58. Shulman believes Biden’s performance at the DNC will be able to hold up with what may be offered at the RNC.

“What we’re going to hear is more ramblings, more delusion and just not solutions that the American people are hungry for and what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are offering,” Shulman said.

Republicans hope to contrast the DNC with a convention theme of “Honoring the Great American Story.”

“I thought there was a lot of negativity in the Democratic National Convention,” Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Mark Jefferson said in an interview.

“We’re going to talk about all the things that are right with America, we’re going to talk about the heroes in this country, we’re going to talk about the land of promise, the land of opportunity.”

Experts say while the GOP will tout President Donald Trump’s first term accomplishments, they expect the president to stay on brand with appeals to his base and sharp criticisms of his opponent.

“I think that we might see an incumbent convention that looks a little more like a challenger’s convention,” Mike Wagner, a political science professor at UW-Madison said. “And what I mean by that is we might see more negative campaigning, more attack campaigning than we normally see from the incumbent. Usually incumbent conventions are about listing all of the accomplishments that took place for the last four years.”

State GOP leaders say there will be watch parties across the state where supporters can take in the convention. While Jefferson believes the debates may prove more vital to the campaigns, he still says the conventions play an important role in growing enthusiasm.

“We’re looking forward to next week,” Jefferson said.

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