State park fees set to increase if Gov. Walker's proposal goes through

This Memorial Day Sandy and Michael Reisenauer are thinking about their son, an Iraqi War veteran and father of four. They're also thinking about state park fee increases and how it will impact his family.

Sandy Reisenauer says, \"It's something he can afford to do now, go camping with his kids, and now you're going to raise the rates. If you raise the rates I'm afraid he won't be able to do that with his children.\"

Both are concerned that Governor Walker's proposal to increase state park fees will 'out price' the average man.

Michael Reisenauer says, \"I believe in our parks and want them for everyone, not just a few.\"

Governor Walker's plan passed out of the joint committee. It would increase yearly state trail passes from 20 to 25 dollars, and state park entry passes from 25 to 28 dollars. But this couple worries it may hurt revenue in the long run.

Sandy Reisenauer says, \"I think we're going to lose revenue, we're thinking we're going to gain revenue, but people aren't going to be able to afford to come anymore.\"

But others who love the parks are in favor.

David Simonsmeier, an Oshkosh resident says, \"Just being out in the fresh air.\"

This long-time beach goer says he thinks an increase is needed to keep the parks up.

David Simonsmeier says, \"I tell ya it's really hard to get a camp site at Kohler Andre State Park, so if the fees went up it might help that.\"

Lawmakers still have to pass Governor Walker's proposal before it becomes law.

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