State leaders condemn safer at home protests, outline path forward

NOW: State leaders condemn safer at home protests, outline path forward


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Gov. Tony Evers is slamming state Republican lawmakers who filed a lawsuit saying Evers' was overstelling his power by extending the "Safer at Home" order to May 26. 

Wednesday morning, April 22, workers and clergy members condemned the protests against Evers' extension and outlined their plan for safe recovery after the order is over. 

The speakers said they want to honor Gov. Evers' order and they called protesters dangerous extremists who are putting everyone at risk. 

They say they want to urge Republican lawmakers to drop the request for the state Supreme Court to drop Evers' extension of the order. 

Speakers said they want lawmakers to go back to work to put together a relief package. They said they understand small businesses and the economy is suffering, but the order needs to stay to keep people safe. 

One of the speakers, who had coronavirus, warned others about how serious the virus is based on his own experience.

"Four people died while I was in the hospital. Four of my friends died while I was in the hospital and I don’t know think that’s anything that people should take lightly. You know this is a very serious killer virus and to ask people to co-mingle at this point I think is just ludicrous,” Reverend Greg Lewis of the St. Gabriel Church of God and Christ said.

The state Supreme Court will now decide whether or not to uphold Gov. Evers' order. 

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