State Lawmaker Proposes new Green Bay Prison

(CBS WFRV) A state lawmaker proposed a plan for a new prison in Brown County Thursday morning.

Future plans for the Green Bay Correctional Institution have been underway for months, and Representative David Steffen announced his proposal Thursday morning at a news conference. 

"The issue of the safety of our community, the issue of the safety of our employees, and the inmates, needs to be addressed," says Jim Rafter, President of the Village of Allouez.

State Representative David Steffen says there are other issues with the facility. One issue being capacity.

"This isn't a situation where we can open the gates and let these people out. We need to be making sure that we have the facilities that provide the adequate protection for the community," says Steffen.

That's why he's proposing looking into constructing a new, modernized facility, to meet all of the institution's needs.

"Every facility, regardless of kind and use has a lifetime. What is and where is this facility along that? And what is the best and most appropriate use of tax dollars going forward?" asks Steffen.

Some local leaders in Green Bay agree with Steffen saying a new facility could save tax dollars, and create safety.

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