State lawmaker proposes hairstyle discrimination bill

NOW: State lawmaker proposes hairstyle discrimination bill


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A bill in Wisconsin aims to prohibit discrimination based on a person's hairstyle.

State Representative LaKeshia Myers brought the bill to the Wisconsin Legislature in August. 

She said certain hairstyles like afros, braids and locs are seen as unprofessional in many work environments. 

Myers calls it unfair to make African-Americans change their hair to fit different standards.

"If you look in hospitality, if you look in business, if you look in every industry, this has been an issue," Myers said. "Wherever there are grooming standards that require someone to wear a certain hairstyle or not wear a certain hairstyle, that is an issue."

Myers says the proposed law would not take away grooming standards in the workplace. She introduced the bill just weeks after California and New York passed similar laws. 

The bill has now been moved to an Assembly committee.

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