St. Louis couple charged for lying about being knockout game victims

St. Louis (KTVI) -- A 23-year-old woman has been charged by St. Louis prosecutors with lying about being attacked by three black men in what she said was an incident of the knockout game.


Ashley Depew and her boyfriend 25-year-old Justin Simms came to police November 19th, claiming Depew had been attacked in a south side bar by three African-American men. She said it was apparently part of the so-called knockout game. Now Depew and Simms have been charged with making a false police report. Cops and prosecutors say they made the whole thing up.


The story caught fire in the blogosphere with several blogs and social media sites repeating the story and saying it was another incident where black assailants had attacked non-black victims in the knockout game.


Officials say the whole thing wasted valuable time and resources and created a climate of racial fear.


The two are not yet in custody. The charges they face are misdemeanors. 

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