Special Report: 'Jump Around' at UW-Madison celebrates 20th anniversary

Special Report: ’Jump Around’ at UW-Madison celebrates 20th anniversary

MADISON (CBS 58) -- Jump Around at UW-Madison is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

ESPN has ranked the post 3rd quarter celebration as the best college football tradition.

The first time the song was ever played for fans was during an October game against Purdue in 1998.

Wisconsin was winning and the marketing team simply picked the House of Pain song from a list an intern made, having no idea it would excite the fans as much as it did.

The man who first pressed play doesn't claim any ownership in the tradition.

"What is enjoyable to see is how Badger fans made it their own, how they view it as their song," said Kevin Kluender, Asst. Director of Marketing & Promotions.

The story continues on CBS 58 Sunday Morning where Reporter Lindsey Branwall tells us about the day the song didn't play and how the campus reacted. 

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