Some neighbors questioning if crime on east side is getting worse

NOW: Some neighbors questioning if crime on east side is getting worse

Crime on the east side has some neighbors questioning if that side of town is getting worse. 

Summertime crimes are a cause for concern for some neighbors and business owners on the lower east side.

"There certainly were a string of robberies on Brady Street just last week. That does match a trend on the east side. You often times will have a string of burglaries or a string of robberies or a string of car break-ins," said Ald. Nik Kovac.

With the exception of an uptick in burglaries and property crimes, Milwaukee Police say crime numbers this year have remained about the same on the east side compared to last year.

Pam Sable owns a salon on Brady Street and says in spite of some recent home invasions nearby, she's never felt unsafe. 

"Brady Street has always been a little edgy. The more activity you have, the more incidents you're going to have. I really feel lucky to have this property and to have this business," said Pam Sable, the owner of Joy Salon and Bodywork.

She says communication with fellow business owners and keeping customers coming back to the corridor is key.

"The more activity, the less crime I think."

Alderman Nik Kovac says he's in constant contact with police about those issues.

"It's certainly not a smart or rational decision to commit violent or property crimes. The police are going to catch you eventually," Ald. Kovak said.

Some neighbors also say that it feels like more officers are out on patrol. Alderman Kovac believes some of the serial robbers are already in custody. 

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