Snowiest April in 36 years!

The snowfall for the season has gone above average for the first time since February. A round of snow that dropped anywhere from 2”-6” has moved off to the east. Are we done with the snow for the season? Never say never; but there’s no snow in the forecast for the foreseeable future.

How weird of a month has April been for snow? Milwaukee received 10.0” of snowfall this month, the most snow in the month in 36 years! If no more snow falls in April, we will be 0.4” away from getting into the top five for the most snow in the month of April. We had more snow in April then we did in November, December, and March…combined! Let that sink in!

Snowfall for the season by month:

*October Trace

*November 0.2”

*December 4.6”

*January 11.4”

*February 16.5”

*March 4.0”

*April 10.0”

Here’s how the last five Aprils have stacked up:

*April 2017 0.0”

*April 2016 3.4”

*April 2015 Trace

*April 2014 0.3”

*April 2013 0.4”

Now you probably understand how rare it is to see the snow we have experienced this month. Warmer air is moving in for the weekend and early next week; expect most of the snow to melt in the next few days!

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