Snow melt reveals abundance of trash on city streets

MILWAUKEE -- The melting snow is a welcome sight for many across Milwaukee. But a not so welcome sight appears with it. 

Trash.  Lots of it. trash has accumulated over the last three months. It was hidden by the snow. Not anymore. As more snow melts. More trash is revealed.  That's why it's important for people to chip in.  The \"Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful\" group helps organize neighborhood cleanups. 

They've started to do it this year. They're partnered with the city and county to help get people involved. 

Executive Director Joe Wilson says the snow melt is great but it reveals layers and layers of trash he calls it lasagna trash.

\"The way it all built up during the winter there wasn't a chance or point where that material would be removed,\" Wilson said.  \"Once all this snow thaws out, today's a great day for it we are going to see layers and layers of debris both on the highways, on the roadways, in the parks and all over the properties.\"

The group will provide rakes, shovels, trash bags, and more for groups that organize their own cleanups.

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