Sisters with ties to Milwaukee missing in Wyoming

Three sister with ties to Milwaukee are missing in Wyoming.

They left for their trip on June 28th and were supposed to be home already.

Megan Andrews-Sharer,25, lives in Whitefish Bay. She and her two sisters were hiking in Grand Teton National Park.

The sheriff's office says they have camping gear with them.

Their family says they were staying near the moose area.

On Wednesday night members of the United Methodist Church in Whitefish Bay held a prayer service for the sisters safe return.

The family attended the church before moving away years ago and Megan came back after college to take a job with the congregation.

\"Megan has incredibly strong faith,\" Senior Pastor Susan Patterson-Sumwalt told CBS 58 News. \"She's a wonderful problem solver and loves the outdoors.  She's very disciplined.  She loves people. She's committed to a sustainable lifestyle.\"

Megan left her job at the church in June to travel around and work at organic farms.

The SUV the girls had been using with Wisconsin license plates has been found.

But no sign of the sisters.

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