Simple Steps to Get Your House off The Market Sooner Than Later

It's a seller's market these days.  This means there's a greater demand than supply.  And this can work to a homeowner's advantage...especially knowing this is the popular time of year to sell your house.  

Steve Draganchuk, from First Weber Realtors, spent a little time with me during the CBS58 morning show on Thursday.  He went over some important advice for those looking to sell their home, including curb appeal.  He says it's crucial to maintain your yard by having a cut lawn along with lots of colorful flowers and trimmed bushes and shrubs.  

On the inside, he says it's very important to "declutter and depersonalize" where you live.  In other words, make it look like a catalog.  Wallpaper, pictures, and brass handles are all no-nos. One other piece of advice is to modernize both your kitchen and bathrooms.  

To learn more about getting your home ready for sale, including financing and click on the attached links.  

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