Showers and Storms Possible Late Tonight

After a mild and beautiful start to the weekend, a chance remains later tonight for a showers and thunderstorms.  A complex of showers and thunderstorms, which the weather world calls "MCV = mesoscale convective complex", will blast through Iowa and head in our direction.  The dynamics are not as great in the viewing area.  This means the lie could die off and weaken before gets to your backyard.

All models are saying something different. Some are bringing the line in earlier; others are having the line taper off or weakening after midnight.  Bottom line, keep the umbrella handy if you're out late tonight by the bonfire or any Saturday night parties.  Severe weather is not expected.  Gusty winds, downpours, and lightning will be possible.  The activity could linger into Sunday morning!

More hit and miss showers and storms could be possible on Sunday and Sunday night.  The temperatures the rest of the weekend will hover around the 70 degree mark, with warmer readings inland. 

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