Shots Fired into North Side Daycare

NOW: Shots Fired into North Side Daycare

Ten children were inside a north side Milwaukee day care when someone fired shots into the home.

The shooting happened in april new documents have just been released in the investigation.

The search warrant is for a phone, and police believe the person that owns it either shot at the daycare, or knows who did.

Police recovered 18 casings outside the daycare and confirmed 10 bullets went inside the home back in April. All the children inside were between the ages of 7 months and 7 years.

Despite all the shots that went through the side of the home, no one was hurt.

The only person inside when the shooting happened was the regsitered daycare owner, Latasha Ealy-Griffin.

CBS 58 stopped by the home for an update on the case.

"I don't know if she was caught or not but i've got bullet holes all in my house," said Ealy-Griffin.

Griffin and her husband say they have no idea who opened fire on the daycare, and their home.

According to a search warrant, Griffin's niece was on the porch went shots rang out.

The investigation found the niece was fighting with a girl on Facebook. The dispite happened on the comment section of a picture. The niece began receiving threats from the girl via phone.

After the shots were fired on April 10th, the girl sent three text messages to the niece:

"How you like that" "Are you all right" "Anyone hit?"

Police have searched the girl's phone. She is only 15 years old and hasn't yet been charged as an adult in this case.

CBS 58 is still waiting to hear if anyone has been arrested in the shooting.

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