Shoppers swarm local malls for post-Christmas returns and sales

After a day of happy holiday returns, many shoppers swarmed local malls and shopping centers for the sales.  Walk through Bayshore Towne Center and you'll find signs advertising deep discounts almost everywhere you look.

\"They're really good,\" said Ada Saez, a shopper, \"50% off and 75% off you can't go wrong with that.\"

Saez stopped by to spend the gift cards she got for Christmas.

\"It's nice just to get out, after being at home on Christmas,\" said Saez.

The National Retail Federation says the day after Christmas is expected to be the second busiest in-store shopping day of the year.  Some shoppers, like Kenya Hickman say December 26th, tops another busy shopping day.

\"It's crowded like Black Friday,\" said Hickman, \"the sales, probably better than Black Friday.\"

The NRF estimates 40% of people will return a present that wasn't a perfect fit.  Perhaps the close-out prices are a way to keep shoppers looking, but for Saez and her family-- it's a post-holiday tradition.

\"We're off from work, so spending time with the family is just awesome,\" said Saez.

The NRF also estimates sales for holiday shopping will be up 4% from last year.


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