Sherman Park native and Milwaukee Alderman Russell Stamper reflects on Sherman Park one year after the unrest

NOW: Sherman Park native and Milwaukee Alderman Russell Stamper reflects on Sherman Park one year after the unrest

As we approach the one year mark of destructive unrest in Milwaukee's Sherman Park, CBS 58 News is following through with a promise we made to viewers one year ago to chart the city's progress in moving forward.

Monday on the CBS 58 News at 4, Alderman Russell Stamper said he envisions the one year mark centered on peaceful gatherings that will demonstrate the camaraderie that has been building ever since.

"I have confidence in the community that what happened before was abnormal and we have made much progress since then."

Alderman Stamper says he was especially encouraged by relationships that been built between churches, community groups and residents.

He says it's important for the community at large to know that Sherman Park is a neighborhood of homeowners who are invested in their immediate community.

"69% of those who live in Sherman Park are homeowners," said Stamper.

But he says there still needs to be significant improvement in police community relations.

"I would like to see officers walking the neighborhood, getting to know the residents. It's starting to happen."

Stamper says he has had a cordial conversation with Police Chief Ed Flynn about bringing increased numbers of beat and bicycle cops to Sherman Park.

"I'm looking for police officers that respect community, understand people who live there, and establish relationship positively."

But stamper says residents also need to make an effort and cooperate with police. Let them know about possible trouble spots and try to build a dialogue.

"I want both the community and the police department to trust each other."

CBS 58 News will keep this conversation going.

Monday on the CBS 58 News at 9 on WMLW "The M" and the CBS 58 News at 10, Amanda Porterfield will talk with the family of Sylville Smith, the man who was fatally shot by a Milwaukee Police Officer during a drug investigation, hours before the fires and looting.

In the week ahead, we'll continue to visit with key figures in this defining moment in Milwaukee history, culminating with special coverage Sunday on the CBS 58 News at 5:30 which is the one year mark.

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