Sheriff Clarke Responds to Call for His Resignation

A Milwaukee County Supervisor is calling for the immediate resignation of Sheriff David Clarke.

This comes after four deaths at the Milwaukee County Jail including a newborn.

This call for resignation is coming from Milwaukee County's 10th District Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde.

He said because Sheriff David Clarke is responsible for the operations at the Milwaukee County Jail.

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The sheriff should resign because four people have died there in a six months period.

Supervisor Omokunde says something is terribly wrong there and that Sheriff Clarke should resign before more people die.

"Media reports and the statements of witnesses indicate that at least three of the deaths appear to have occurred as a result of actions or inaction by Sheriff Clarke's corrections officers.

Yet not a single officer has been disciplined, and Sheriff Clarke remains silent. This is totally unacceptable,” said Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde.

Sheriff Clarke responded, “Supervisor who? That sounds like some character in a science fiction comic book and he's upset that I helped Donald J. Trump get elected POTUS.”

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