Sheriff Clarke Received More than $118,000 in Speaking Fees

More than $118,000 in speaking fees and gifts is how much Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke pocketed last year.

The sheriff's office shared with us where he traveled to give speeches and appearances last year.

He went to 22 states and a cruise to the Cayman Islands. 

In all speaking fees, gifts and tickets totaled over $118,000.

The most expensive was a $15,000 speaking engagement in Colorado last January.

The same amount he collected in October to speak in Los Angeles.

Sheriff Clarke was gifted several guns and at least one cowboy hat.

Clarke also received a DVD trilogy, gift baskets, and painted ponies worth $8200.

The statement of economic interest for 2016 came to over $220,000.

This includes travel costs and hotels.

In 2015, Sheriff Clarke made a base salary of $132,000. 

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