Sheboygan Police Department will begin using body-worn cameras

Sheboygan, WIS. (CBS 58) --  The Sheboygan Police Department will begin issuing body-worn camera systems to officers while on duty.

Beginning in October, 2015, the Sheboygan Police Department piloted several systems in an attempt to identify the product that best met the program goals for a body-worn camera and digital evidence storage systems. The primary goal of the Sheboygan Police Department is to use a body-worn camera system to enhance the public trust by preserving a factual representation of officer-citizen interactions in the form of video and audio recordings.

In partnership with Axon Enterprises, Inc., the Sheboygan Police Department has acquired body worn camera systems for the department. After identifying a vendor that met both our hardware and digital storage needs, the department purchased 70 Axon Body 2 camera systems and digital evidence storage. As part of this purchase, the department has also acquired the use of as a digital evidence storage and management system.

Over the next 6 weeks, officers of the department will receive training in the operation of the body-worn camera as well as the Sheboygan Police Departments policies that guide the use of the system. The first group of officers were trained and issued their cameras this week, and those systems are being used in the daily assignments of those officers.

Subsequent training sessions will take place over the next 5 weeks. Training should be complete by mid-October and all patrol and special assignment officers of the Sheboygan Police Department should have a body-worn system available to them when they are on duty.

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