"Sexual" fur handcuffs found in blood covered hotel room in Brookfield

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Town of Brookfield Police are investigating a strange and bloody incident at the Hampton Inn on Barker Road that happened Sunday, January 14.

Investigators only found two items in the room: a Samsung tablet and a pair of sexual leather/fur type wrist restraints. The handcuffs were attached to a wall mounted light sconce.

Police were called to the hotel for criminal damage and when they entered the room they immediately saw blood splatter on all of the walls, bathroom floor, bathroom walls, door latch, door knob, ceiling, pictures and refrigerator. The TV in the room and a floor length wall mirror were broken. Every towel and washcloth in the room along with the bedding and bedspread were coated with blood.

Police made contact with the woman who rented the room who told them "I got involved in something I shouldn't have." She said she met her on-again off-again boyfriend at the hotel and had two other friends meet them at the hotel for a "party of sorts." Two additional people may have been there as well.

The "boyfriend" told police that he got severely drunk and when he was leaving the bathroom he tripped and went headfirst into the mirror causing it to shatter and cut his head. He then tried to get into bed and hit the end table and lamp. He tried multiple times to stop the bleeding using everything he could find in the room before he was successful. 

Neither the man or the woman told police why they were in the room or what they were doing there.

Officers were concerned for the man's well-being but he refused to give them his address and said he was fine. 

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