Sexting Ring at Waukesha's High Schools

It all started when a concerned parent saw a photo of her student and called a student resource officer.

After beginning the investigation the officer thought it was just at Waukesha West but soon learned this was a bigger issue that had spread to all of Waukesha's High Schools--Waukesha North, South, and West.

All five suspects were at Waukesha North High School. Police say the teenage boys under 17 years old created the group on an app, and kept photos of different girls and categorized them.

The girls would send a naked snapchat photo thinking it would disappear and it was private but the boys would screen shot it and keep the digital image.

Police say there were hundreds of naked photos of 25 to 30 female victims ages 10 to 17 year olds. Police say they plan to press child pornography charges. They say none of this happened on school grounds with school property.

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