Sex offender released to neighborhood with children

St. Francis--Fear, anger, and frustration. Residents did not hold back feelings about notorius sex offender Shawn Schulpius or his roommate Edwin West's supervisions being lifted.

The neighborhood is along the border of Milwaukee and St. Francis.

Michelle Byrd has two children in the neighborhood.

\"I can't even imagine if they would cut their GPS monitoring what could happen, how long it will take for police to come, I'm just sick to my stomach.\"

The Department of corrections says offenders can't come and go as they please, they have a schedule a month in advance and it's entered into a GPS.

Here's what they can do scheduled but unsupervised: Lawn care, get the mail, go to work, go to the grocery store.

But they have to be doing well, defined as: No violations, do well in therapy, and meeting court rules.

But that does little to comfort John Wasikowski and his fiance who moved into the neighborhood. They say they are worried about getting into their car at night or the early hours.

Residents are also concerned about schools and children in the neighborhood.


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